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Don't Be An Elmer Fudd Philosopher
Growing up, I watched Loony Tunes, a cartoon show that made me laugh, every Saturday morning. My favorite cartoons were the ones that pitted Bugs Bunn...
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Three Reasons Why Secular Humanism Fails
The search for meaning and morality without God is not new. Describing such efforts as secular humanism, however, is. Many modern thinkers, in an effo...
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Three Reasons You Should Be an Ethical Objectivist and Not a Moral Skeptic
Ethical Objectivism (EO) is a system of ethics that states that moral values and duties exist as objective features of reality. Another way to say thi...
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What I Learned from Ravi Zacharias
It came as a complete shock when I learned the news about the world-famous apologist Ravi Zacharias and the scandal that shattered his legacy after he...
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Why Doesn't the Bible Address Modern Atheism?
The Bible and Practical Atheism “The fool says in his heart,” declares the psalmist, “there is no God” (Ps 14:1). While the Bible doesn’t have the mod...
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Joy to the World - Jesus Is Not a Myth
“X was Born on 25 December.” Apart from the fact that the Bible never identifies either a 25 December birthdate for Jesus or a winter birth in general...
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Four Reasons Why I'm Thankful for the Kalam Cosmological Argument
We've entered a season where society focuses on things like love, joy, peace, and thanksgiving. As an apologist, I'm thankful for the many arguments t...
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Which Theory of Truth Is True?
Truth also must be fact, not opinion or experience in the sense of “my truth” and “your truth,” lest facts still exist and the word “truth” simply cea...
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3 Strategies You Need for Talking About Apologetics
If someone says, “the Kalam Cosmological Argument isn’t even a good argument,” you could immediately launch into a defense of the two premises. Or, yo...
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