Back to the Basics: Why Does it Matter if God Exists?
Sometimes, in our desire to help non-believers see the truth of Christianity, we rush to give all the arguments that support the Christian worldview. ...
What I Learned from Ravi Zacharias
The apologetics community was rocked by the scandal of the late Ravi Zacharias. In this podcast, Dean talks about what he learned from the scandal and...
What I Learned from Ravi Zacharias
The apologetics world was shaken by the scandal regarding the late Ravi Zacharias. In the season 5 premier of The Daily Apologist Podcast, I explain w...
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The Daily Apologist is an online apologetics organization dedicated to equipping Christians to engage culture. Founded just two years ago, we strive to meet a growing need for philosophical arguments in defense of the Christian faith. We focus especially on the most recent questions and arguments raised by atheists, agnostics, and skeptics on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

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Equipping Christians to Engage Today’s Culture

Four years ago, Kaylee Clary, a college freshman, called Dean Meadows and expressed doubts about her faith. Hearing things in class she was never taught as a kid, Kaylee reached out to Dean for help. From that phone call, The Daily Apologist was born and today, Kaylee is still a Christian.

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