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If God Possibly Exists, He Does Exist! What?

If God Possibly Exists, He Does Exist! What?

One of the most criticized and misunderstood arguments for the existence of God is the ontological argument. Many apologists have abandoned the argument for two reasons: 1) they believe that argument does not work, and 2) the argument is so complex that their audience cannot understand. But what is the argument? What is its history? Is it a sound argument? With these questions in mind, I contacted Dr. Josh Rasmussen, a philosopher and professor at Azusa Pacific University. After reading his book How Reason Can Lead to God, I was impressed by his ability to make the complicated simple. He seemed like the perfect person to help in the quest to understand the ontological argument. The...

Leibniz on God Part 2: God is Personal

Leibniz on God Part 2: God is Personal

  Kastin Carroll    Here we continue Leibniz’s second of four contingency arguments for God.  If you missed Part 1, find it here. Argument 2: God is Personal From Theodicy[1] and On the...

Apologism or Evangeletics? Part 2

Apologism or Evangeletics? Part 2

C.L. Thomas   By challenging competing worldviews, Christian apologetics (CA, hereafter) practices an offensive method of engagement. CA argues that the Christian worldview offers the best...

Apologism or Evangeletics? Part 2

Apologism or Evangeletics?

C.L. Thomas   Perhaps two of the most daunting practices for disciples to understand and apply are the subjects of Christian Apologetics and Evangelism. In addition to what it means and how one...

Leibniz on God, Part 1: God Is

Leibniz on God, Part 1: God Is

Guest Contributor: Kastin Carroll Why would someone smart enough to invent calculus believe in God?  And what kind of God would they believe in?  Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) wrote...


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