"I give a hearty endorsement to Dean Meadows and the team of writers and speakers at The Daily Apologist. Their website and their work (an obvious labor of love) is engaging, attractive, fresh, and filled with answers to the toughest questions people ask about all the big issues in life."

Craig Hazen, Ph.D.
Director of the Apologetics Program, Talbot School of Theology at Biola University

"The Daily Apologist is a wonderful resource to equip believers and challenge skeptics to think. The material is timely and relevant and the site is easy to navigate. I love what they're doing and hope you'll engage the content."

Sean McDowell, Ph.D.
Apologist and Professor at BIOLA University

"The greatest field where the gospel needs to be sown is the young people of our nation...before the gospel can be sown in their hearts, their minds have to be convinced that God exists, truth is absolute, and the Bible is reliable. That information is the reason The Daily Apologist is one of the most important works going on in the church today."

Wayne Burger
Instructor, Bear Valley Bible Institute

"The Daily Apologist, under the leadership of Dean Meadows, has people who are qualified at the college level to provide trustworthy philosophical answers to important questions people are asking today and they are addressing these questions on social media platforms that young people use."

Ralph Gilmore, Ph.D.
Apologist and Former Professor at Freed-Hardeman University

"The Daily Apologist is a great resource where followers of Jesus can receive good answers to many of the questions they are being asked by nonbelievers.”

Mike Licona, Ph.D.
Apologist and Professor at Houston Baptist University
Our Mission
Growing the knowledge of Christians and creating valuable resources for engaging conversations in today's ever-changing culture

The Daily Apologist is an online apologetics organization dedicated to equipping Christians to engage culture. Founded just two years ago, we strive to meet a growing need for philosophical arguments in defense of the Christian faith. We focus especially on the most recent questions and arguments raised by atheists, agnostics, and skeptics on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

We offer several resources including online blogs, podcasts, and videos at our website and through our social media accounts. We also conduct seminars and teach classes in-person and online. We offer a number of free, self-paced online courses through our online training platform. We also enjoy working one-on-one with Christians who have questions and need answers or who are looking for ways to help loved-ones come to have saving faith. It would give us great joy to have the opportunity to help you with your apologetics questions.

Meet Our Team
With diverse backgrounds, ages, and life experiences, our team has a wide range of apologetics skills tailored to answer the toughest objections to Christianity.

The biggest challenge in the Church today is to meet both the spiritual and intellectual needs of our young people. With skills in philosophy, theology, and apologetics, our team is qualified to meet these needs.

Meet our full team
We’re changing the way Christians engage in today's culture with constant resources and learning opportunities. We need your help.

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