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Does the Kalam Commit the Fallacy of Composition?
Breakability is dependent on who is doing the breaking. However, it does not matter who sets up the white fence kit, the fence will still be white, an...
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Why Does Anything Exist at All?
This is what the first premise of Leibniz's argument suggests: That everything that exists has an explanation of its existence. There is just no reaso...
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Why Debate A YouTube Atheist?
Photo Credit: Miguel Henriques
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The Confessions of a College Kid’s Atheist Experience
College students—and any other member of a congregation—will face questions surrounding their Christian faith. Congregations have two options in resp...
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Four Truths of Genesis 1-3
Thus, God is not distant from humanity or annoyed by humanity; no, God is personally aware of and invests in a relationship with humans because they ...
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Evolution's Falsity Doesn't Get You Christianity
As a campus minister at a university, my experience has been that these issues, more so than the discussion of evolution, are what drive doubts and c...
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The Grim Reaper Kills the Eternal Universe
The Kalam Cosmological Argument says that the universe began to exist in the finite past. According to this argument, the universe has not been around...
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The Old Testament and Ancient Mythology
Christians often hear the claim that the Bible is a book of myths borrowed from other sources. Fanciful stories, supernatural events, and wondrous mir...
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C.S. Lewis' Argument from Quarreling
When I was a kid, our favorite family game—by far—was Monopoly. Loved it! My older brother, younger sister, and I would spend hours around that board....
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