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Evolution's Falsity Doesn't Get You Christianity
As a campus minister at a university, my experience has been that these issues, more so than the discussion of evolution, are what drive doubts and c...
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The Grim Reaper Kills the Eternal Universe
The Kalam Cosmological Argument says that the universe began to exist in the finite past. According to this argument, the universe has not been around...
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The Old Testament and Ancient Mythology
Christians often hear the claim that the Bible is a book of myths borrowed from other sources. Fanciful stories, supernatural events, and wondrous mir...
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C.S. Lewis' Argument from Quarreling
When I was a kid, our favorite family game—by far—was Monopoly. Loved it! My older brother, younger sister, and I would spend hours around that board....
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A Plan for Your Next Apologetics Conversation
Sometimes a friend will reach out to me and say that they have someone they want to study with—usually a skeptical friend or family member—but they ju...
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Is Eyewitness Evidence Bad Evidence? (Pt. 4 – Transience)
This is the fourth article in a series on the quality of eyewitness evidence and the implications it has for the gospels. The full list of topics cove...
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Exchanging a Lie for the Truth of God
I think it's easy for us as we read Romans 1 to imagine the world that Paul describes. It seems a lot like our world today. Surely it was different in...
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Bible Contradiction: Was Moses a Poor Speaker or Not?
Saul cited the supposed inferiority of his tribe in his reticence to serve as the new king of Israel; Gideon did likewise when called as a judge. Solo...
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Has The Church Lost Its Mind?
Philosophy has a public relations problem with many Christians. There are sincere brothers and sisters in Christ who believe the discipline of philoso...
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