New Course Available!
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New Course Available!

We're excited to announce the availability of our latest free course, A Historical Defense for the Resurrection! Check out the introduction from Aaron Johnson below to get an idea of what the course is like and to register:

"Welcome to this course on Jesus’ resurrection. My name is Aaron Johnson of the Daily Apologist and I’m going to be walking you through the material over these thirteen videos. Before we get into anything else, let me talk about the why and the how behind this course. Why the resurrection? What makes it so special?

If Jesus rose from the dead, then Christianity is true. Therefore, if we can show that Jesus’ resurrection is on solid historical grounds, our faith will be strengthened to withstand even the most difficult challenges.

And this brings us to the “how,” or the methodology that we are going to be using.

Basically, I am going to be approaching the question of Jesus’ resurrection from a historical point of view.

Though we at The Daily Apologist affirm the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible, I’m not going to assume the inspiration of the Bible.

I’m not even going to assume that the Bible is historically reliable.

All of this will have to be argued for, just like you’d have to argue for the historical reliability of any other document.

Finally, the goal of this class is not to prove historically beyond a shadow of a doubt that the resurrection occurred. History, by its nature, can’t give you that kind of certainty about hardly anything.

Rather, the goal of this course is to show that Jesus’ resurrection is the best explanation for the available historical data. And therefore, on purely historical grounds, we are rational to believe in it."

--Aaron Johnson

Click here to register!

Nathan Liddell was born and raised in the South—Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee—but now calls Aurora, Colorado home.
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