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The Problem with Religious Pluralism

We live in a society where you can have “your truth,” I can have “my truth,” and neither one of us is thought to be wrong. Such a belief applied to religion leads to religious pluralism. Religious pluralism denies objective and exclusive religious truth. If religious...

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Who’s Afraid of Apologetics?

Some folks bristle at the word ‘apologetics’ like many bristle at the words taxes, politics, or kale. They disengage when they hear it. But the truth is that apologetics plays a larger role in our lives than we might like to admit. Simply put, apologetics is a...

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Is Jesus an Updated Attis?

One of the primary objections to Christianity is that the story of Jesus’ resurrection is a ‘copycat.’ By ‘copycat,’ I mean that Jesus’ resurrection account is said to be an updated adaptation of various ancient near eastern resurrection stories. Some critics claim,...

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A View of Immorality

A passage of Scripture was brought to my attention not too long ago. If you will, take the time to read Judges 19. This passage gives us a very disturbing account of a horrendous act. I was sitting with a friend for coffee one day, and I was discussing Lot offering...

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