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Is God a Kim Jong Un in the sky?
The late, by many lamented, Christopher Hitchens was fond of saying that God’s kingdom is: a celestial dictatorship, a kind of divine North Korea: gre...
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Pascal's Wager, or Philosophy Is Hard
photo by annca Philosophy is hard. I try to understand it, really. There are some things I can hold on to. Just this morning I read Thomas Aquinas’ “T...
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The Ontological Argument
photo by Crisis Magazine What if God is the greatest conceivable being, and therefore nothing can be conceived to be greater? Or what if everything e...
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Quick Take: Reliability of the Bible
There have always been people who are skeptical about the reliability of the Bible. Interestingly enough, the pillars of their doubt are focused on th...
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Is Utilitarianism a Better Moral Code?
What if the moral code we live by is not based on an objective moral standard but rather is just based on what hurts and pleases people or what is go...
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Beauty and Belief - Part 1
I have long thought—well, for a little over twelve years anyway—that if every other argument for my faith in God were defeated, the beauty of my only ...
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Objections to the Resurrection of Jesus, Pt. 1
With Easter approaching next week, many will be remembering and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. At the same time, there are many around the wor...
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God and the Canaanites Part 2
In part one, we surveyed the argument against the moral character of God by citing the Old Testament account of God’s judgment of the Canaanites. Furt...
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Why I Love Skeptics (and so should you)
I love skeptics of the Christian worldview! This may surprise you since what often takes place in the great debates between skeptics and Christians is...
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