What is The Apologetics Report?
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What is The Apologetics Report?

The Christian apologetics community produces a ton of material every week. This fact may be a surprise to some, but it shouldn't be. Apologetics is the practice of making a defense, and there are a lot of objections levied against Christianity week in and week out.

The plethora of intelligent individuals willing to defend the Christian worldview is a blessing, but it also presents somewhat of a problem. How can somebody stay up to date based on the sheer quantity of material produced? At times it can be a bit like trying to drink from a fire hose.

The Apologetics Report (TAR) exists to help alleviate this problem. TAR is a weekly, curated collection of the web's top apologetics resources published weekly at The goal of TAR is to be a one-stop shop that helps you digest a week's worth of faith-defending content.

Breaking news, peer-reviewed scholarly articles, thought-out blog posts, infographics, podcasts, and videos have all made their way onto TAR's homepage. However, the homepage is just the surface. In addition to the website that's curated weekly, every article ever featured can be found on the archives page. To top it all off, there is also a TAR podcast which features a discussion and dissection of some of the best apologetics content I come across in any given week.

If you haven't checked out The Apologetics Report, please do. I hope that it becomes something that you bookmark on your web browser and check each Monday when it's updated. TAR provides a valuable service that helps God's people stay updated on the latest methods, arguments, and information regarding the defense of the Christian faith.

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