The Future is Bright!
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The Future is Bright!

I can’t believe it has been 10 months since Apologia Institute launched! It has been a very successful first ten months. Looking forward, we are excited about what can be accomplished in 2018. As mentioned before, we will be doing apologetics training in India and continuing to shoot short educational videos. Additionally, we are planning to increase our presence on Twitter and Facebook as we continue to blog.

We will also be expanding our operations in the following ways:

• We have set a goal to increase our workshop presentations from 13 this past year to 20 for 2018. Currently, we have verbal agreements with four congregations.

• Apologia Institute is in the process of acquiring the tech to conduct podcasts. Once this is up and running, we plan on doing a weekly podcast about topics related to apologetics.

• The staff here will be present at multiple lectureships in 2018. Look for our team and stop by our booth!

• This year, we will begin developing curriculum for the preaching school in India run by Mani Pagidipalli.

• We will also offer workshops for parents to help them navigate the tough questions teens ask about God, the Bible, and Christianity.

• In 2018, Apologia Institute will be exploring the costs and requirements for offering online certificates for parents, elders, deacons, and preachers.

These projects, along with the current day to day operations are all for the benefit of the Church and her people. We have a deep desire to equip Christians to engage the culture. However, none of this is possible without your help spiritually and monetarily. If you’d like to contribute to the work of Apologia Institute please do so at

In Him,

Dean Meadows

Co-Founder of Apologia Institute

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