Popular Myths for Rejecting Christianity
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Popular Myths for Rejecting Christianity

We live in a world where truth is often seen as impossible to know or questionable at best. Some falsehoods have deep roots and are commonly held. There are a lot of culturally common myths regarding Christianity and the existence of God. Here are a couple of myths which are often used in popular culture.

Science Has Proven That God Doesn’t Exist

Many times, I have heard this and reply, “which scientific finding was it that disproved God’s existence?” Often times it is proposed that since there is no scientific proof of God’s existence, He must not exist. But, that is not scientific proof. When Stephen Hawking was pressed on this issue, he merely replied that since we cannot know everything that God would, God cannot exist. This isn’t scientific, nor does it disprove anything.

Though science is needed and crucial to human existence, it isn’t the begetter of all truth. Science even fails to answer some of the most essential questions—especially in the realm of origins and “whys.” How did life arise from non-living matter? How did unconscious matter gain consciousness? Why does the universe appear to be so finely tuned? The list goes on.

The Bible Has Been Heavily Corrupted

The widespread claims of the Bible’s corruption span from King James’ supposed editing and Constantine’s oversight at the Council of Nicea to over-zealous scribes. But, the proof is lacking. Most modern translations are based on New Testament manuscripts that pre-date King James and even Constantine.

When scholars compare these earlier manuscripts with translations post-Constantine the differences are marginal and rarely significant. The bottom line is, there are enough evidence and manuscript support for us to be confident in what the original text said, and this is expressed in most modern English translations.

These are just a few myths which are often referenced for rejecting Christianity and they should be rejected.

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