10 Questions Apologists and "Don't Like".... But I'll Answer: Part 1
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10 Questions Apologists and "Don't Like".... But I'll Answer: Part 1

A recent video by YouTube personality, PineCreek, entitled: 10 Questions Apologists or Pastors Don’t Like, examined tough (supposedly) questions that apologists and preachers don’t like because they are uncomfortable and highly emotional questions. However, emotional or uncomfortable these questions might be, there are good answers to them which should be examined. So, here are the tough questions and the answers to the first three.

1.Is there anything your god has done in the past that makes you uncomfortable?

Yes. There are things that God has done in the past that as a human being that I’m initially, emotionally, uncomfortable with. The flood and the killing of Canaanites come to mind first. However, upon reflection, each of these situations were justified on the basis of 1) the sin of the people; 2) the righteousness of God; and 3) The divine foreknowledge of God.

2. What are your doubts about a) the truth of Christianity b) your god is real?

I think we all, to some degree, go through state(s) of doubt. With the truth of Christianity I’ve wrestled with questions about some of the textual objections to the scriptures. With the existence of God, the biggest doubt I’ve had deals with evil, pain, and suffering. However, regardless of whatever doubts I have stemming from these, they have to be taken into totality of the background information. This information would include, but not limited to: a)the case for the resurrection of Jesus; b) the Kalam Cosmological Argument; c) the Argument from Consciousness; d) the Moral Argument; e) the Teleological Argument. In light of these arguments, whatever doubts I may have are offset. Furthermore, the doubts I do have, also have sufficient, reasonable answers.

3.What would your life look like if you left Christianity? What’s the worst that can happen if one leaves your religion?

I don’t know specifically what life would look like. I’m sure there would be pain and sorrow on the part of people that deeply care about me. Ultimately, I’d be rejecting a relationship with the sovereign creator of the universe, the joy of worship, the Christian community, the loss of eternity with God, and the receiving of eternal separation from Him in hell.


These questions are designed to raise doubt in the believer, however, we shouldn’t run from them, we should embrace these questions, think about these questions, and provide answers to them with bold confidence.

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