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Dean Meadows

Dean Meadows

Dean Meadows serves as the Executive Director of The Daily Apologist. He holds a B.A. in Theology from the Bear Valley Bible Institute International; B.S. in Bible/Ministry from Amridge University; and an M.A. in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. He's currently pursuing a MSc in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Dean served in the United State Marine Corps Reserve for six years and deployed to Iraq in 2006. He is married to Hillary Meadows and they have two kids Nora-Grace and Wren-Mercy.

Blog Posts authored by Dean
blog post
What I Learned from Ravi Zacharias
It came as a complete shock when I learned the news about the world-famous apologist Ravi Zacharias and the scandal that shattered his legacy after he...
blog post
Four Reasons Why I'm Thankful for the Kalam Cosmological Argument
We've entered a season where society focuses on things like love, joy, peace, and thanksgiving. As an apologist, I'm thankful for the many arguments t...
blog post
Acts 17 Apologetics: Be Intentional!
Are we intentional about our apologetics and evangelism efforts? Is it our custom to be specific about why we do what we do regarding our efforts to r...

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