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Unreasonable Faith

What indeed hath Athens to do with Jerusalem? – Tertullian[1] He who believes needs no explanation. – Euripides[2] If one claims knowledge either in the absence of evidence, or when a claim is contradicted by evidence, then this is when the word “faith” is used....

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Which Humans Are Persons?

A few posts back, we explored the issue of abortion in light of New York State’s recent decision to legalize the practice from conception to birth. To summarize that article, the moral question of abortion was reduced to one question: “What are the unborn?” If the...

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What is The Apologetics Report?

The Christian apologetics community produces a ton of material every week. This fact may be a surprise to some, but it shouldn't be. Apologetics is the practice of making a defense, and there are a lot of objections levied against Christianity week in and week out....

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