What I Learned at Indian Creek Youth Camp
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What I Learned at Indian Creek Youth Camp

Recently, I was privileged to serve as a teacher at the Indian Creek Youth Camp. This was The Daily Apologist's second year serving at Week 8. As I have taken time to reflect on the week, I have come away enriched, motivated, and spiritually closer to God. Here are some of my thoughts about the week and the precious young souls in the Church.

Young People Are Underrated

Far too often, we (adults) blame young people for all the negative we see in the world. Young people are often categorized as those who don't care about truth. At week 8, I learned once again that young people don't just desire to study and discover the truth, they crave it. In my 12 years of ministry, I have never encountered as many unique questions about God, Christianity, social issues, and the resurrection as I did this past week in our Bible classes and Q&A sessions. Our young people are faced with many voices and many questions. I learned this week that young people are up to the challenge of being challenged while maintaining their faith. It is great to see our young people's fearless pursuit of truth.

Bible Camps Are Not Outdated

We all wondered what would happen after COVID regarding the future of Christian camps. Would they exist? Could they still serve a purpose in the spiritual development of young people? The answer to these questions is a resounding YES. A young lady told a counselor, "This has been the most spiritually rich experience I've had because of what we studied this week." That warms my heart. Camp is a time for Christians to meet like-minded people, open up about their personal journeys, and grow closer to God. Camps like ICYC can thrive and are not an outdated tool for a young person's spiritual development.

The Mission of Apologetics is Greatly Needed

The world advertises to young people that truth is whatever they want it to be, love has no limit, and there is no God.

Apologetics is no longer a "calendar event" for churches. Teaching people how to think, defend, and conduct a meaningful conversation in defense of the faith must be a regular part of the Christian life.

I'm grateful for a camp like Indian Creek Youth Camp, which provides two weeks of apologetics training woven into spiritual conversations and biblical study. My prayer is that more camps and churches will implement apologetics into the lifeblood of the Church.


These are just a few of the ways this camp experience was significant to my life and my faith. For many young people, camp is a foundational week in their lives. The memories, fun, fellowship, laughter, and training help develop and orient their lives towards Christ. The Church should continue to support these types of efforts.

Dean Meadows serves as the Executive Director of The Daily Apologist. He holds a B.A. in Theology from the Bear Valley Bible Institute International; B.S. in Bible/Ministry from Amridge University; an...
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